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Gazi Museum is a museum located on Ilkadim, Samsun, Mecidiye Street. It was opened to visitors in 1940 after the restoration of the Mantıka Palas hotel, where Mustafa Kemal stayed on his first visit to Samsun. The building is located on Mecidiye Street, 25 sections, 273 islands and 3 parcels. The exterior walls of the two-storey historical building are masonry bricks and the inner partitions are connected.

The building where the museum is located was built by Jean Ionnis Mantika according to some sources and by Yanko Abacıoğlu in 1902 as a hotel called Mantıka Palas. When the news of the 9th Army Inspector Mustafa Kemal was coming to Samsun on 19 May 1919, the hotel which was out of service was arranged and put into service of Gazi. Mustafa Kemal stayed at this hotel until 25 May 1919. After the National Struggle, he left the hotel to move to Havza.

After the proclamation of the Republic, Atatürk stayed in this hotel on 16-18 September 1928 and 22-26 November 1930. On his last visit, Atatürk noted the following lines in his notebook:

“Samsun 16 September 1928; it's a quarter past eight. I'm in the writing room. I write these lines while waiting for İsmet Pasha. I come to Samsun for the third time. The first development is known, I read the history in front of my eyes, on the lid of a long cigarette box on the office: May 19, 1335. After that I came again. About 4 years ago, in a development I have identified the date above. Ismet Pasha came, I leave the article. "
AziGazi Mustafa Kemal

Museum formation
The hotel, where Atatürk stayed every time he came to Samsun, was handed over to him in 1924 and to Makbule Hanım with his will in 1938. The building, which was expropriated by the Samsun Municipality in 1939 to be a museum, was used as a Republican People's Party building until this period. On 5 October 1940, it was opened to the public as a museum by the Samsun Municipality. At that time, the second floor of the building served as a museum, while the first floor was used as the Atatürk Public Library and then as the Samsun Chamber Theater.

798 dated 08/03/1985 of the High Council and registered as immovable cultural property that must be protected.

In 1995 it was transferred to the Ministry of Culture. After the renovation works carried out by the Ministry of Culture, it was reopened as a museum on November 8, 1998. During this period, the building was not completely a museum, while the second floor served as a museum and the first floor was used as a conference hall.

Atakum Rotary Club and the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects, Samsun Provincial Coordination Board in 2006 with the latest renovation in Samsun Ataturk Museum in the historical belongings were brought here and the two museums were combined. In addition to this, the museum's lighting systems were renewed by adhering to the contemporary museum understanding, and the furniture was cleaned and the whole building was opened to visitors as a museum.

The interior of the museum is furnished with Atatürk's study room, bedroom and meeting halls, which can be compiled. In the big hall of the museum called the Congress Hall, there is a model of the Bandırma Ferry, photographs and documents about Atatürk. Other important national artifacts in the museum include the original of the Tenth Year Speech, an example of the Ottoman original of Nutuk, and a travel bag with Atatürk on his first visit.

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