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           Tunnel of Titus, Vespasian, Titus Tunnel Rock Tunnel or, within the boundaries of the district today Samandağ depends on Turkey's Hatay province, on the county board Çevlik neighborhood, 5 km. It was built by Titus Flavius ​​Vespasianus, known as Titus, located on the highlands and on the slopes of the sea, and it is thought to last for more than a century.

The tunnel overlooks the harbor section of the historic city known as Nikator, founded by Selevkos Nikator I. in 300 BC in the mouth of the streams coming from the mountain and as an inner harbor. Due to the thought that this harbor could be filled with flood water coming from the mountain, Titus was covered with a wall in front of the stream and the tunnel between the sea side of the wall and the sea was drilled. The closed section of the tunnel is 130 meters long and has a total open area of ​​1380 meters. In general, in open and closed areas, the tunnel is 7 meters high and 6 meters wide. The tunnel was built during the times of Vespasian, Titus and Antoninus Pius. In 2014, the tunnel was added to UNESCO's World Heritage Temporary List.

There are also rock-cut tombs on the side of the tunnel facing the sea. Rock tombs are located approximately 100 meters away from the tunnel. The largest pit found in the rock tomb area is quite spectacular and it is known as "Beşikli Cave" among the people because it is made in a different style than other rock tombs.

Temple ruins were found in the upper parts of the ancient city of Nikator, which is part of the ancient city of Seleucia Pieria. There are many caves due to the rocky area


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