Hatay Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

Hatay Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

Hatay is Turkey's most important place of the old settlement. In the archaeological researches, the findings dated between 100,000 and 40,000 were reached. Provincial lands from the early Bronze Age Akat Principality and BC. Between the years of 1800-1600, it was within the boundaries of a principality of the Yamhad Kingdom. Later in the 17th century BC, it was under the sovereignty of the Hittites and Egypt in 1490 BC. Then the Urartians, Assyrians and the Persians entered the sovereignty.

Antakya was founded in 300 BC and the city developed rapidly. The city joined the Roman Empire in 64 BC and became the capital of the Syrian province of the Empire. It was conquered by the Islamic army and remained under the rule of Umayyad and Abbasid. Then in 877 the lands conquered by Tolunogullari; It was under the rule of Hamdanoğulları (Beni Hamdan / Hamdânîler) from Aleppo, which was demolished by the Seljuks and the grisly. The province, which joined the lands of the Byzantine Empire in 969, played an important role during the Crusades in the 11th-12th centuries. Antakya was taken away from the Crusaders by the Mamluk State. (18 May 1268)

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