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         The Temple of Hadrian in Ephesus is one of the most striking structures of the ancient city. It is in Corinthian order and consists of a cella (the main room where the cult statue is located in the Hellenic temple) and a portico. Cella was covered with a stone vault, but today there is nothing left in this vault. The representation of a rising girl embroidered in an akantus bead in Celtic's arch-shaped tympanum (the triangular wall of the pediment) has been well preserved. The low podium where the emperor's cult statue is placed is visible in front of the northern wall of the cellar.

          In the center of the front of the temple portico there are two pillars and two sides are four corners. The architrave (the horizontal section above the columns) was made flat on the edges, but the two columns were arranged as a belt. There was a Tyce (urban goddess) sculpture in the middle of the belt and a triangular pediment on it, but nowadays there is only one piece left at this point. When the inscription covering the whole of the arch was read, it is understood that the temple was built by P.Quintilius and dedicated to the Emperor Hadrian.


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