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          Artemis Temple is located in Ephesus (Izmir, Selçuk). Other name is known as Diana Temple. The temple dedicated to the goddess Artemis was completed in Ephesus in 550 BC. The temple was built entirely of marble. Only one or two pieces of marble are left behind today, which is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. Turkey is located in the ancient city of Selcuk in Izmir.

          Artemis temple was built as a result of 120 years and was built for as long as 120 years. Compiled from the seven wonders of the world, Sidon's Antipader described the temple as follows.

"I saw the wall of warfare over the Magical Babylon, the Zeus statue of Alpheus and the hanging gardens, and the enormous workmanship of the colossus and the high pyramids and the vast tomb of Mausolos, but when I saw the house of Artemis on the clouds, all the other wonderful wonders and I said, "Here! Apart from Olimpus, the Sun has never looked at anything so great. "(Antipater, Greek Anthology [IX.58]).


           All information about the temple rests on what historian Plynus tells. Plynus explained that the temple is 55 meters wide by 115 meters in length and almost entirely made of marble. The temple is made up of 127 columns, each 18 meters high. The Byzantine historian Filon also explained that the Temple of Artemis saw the mighty workmanship of the Babylonians, the grave of the mausoleum, but Artemis, who rose to the clouds in Ephesus, left them in the shadows.


          The temple was adorned with bronze and marble sculptures of the most famous artists of the period and was a gigantic structure ninety feet high and forty five meters wide. It is said that there are hundreds of pillars. There were many pieces of art in the Temple of Artemis made entirely of marble. The temple was equipped with sculptures made by famous Greek sculptors, tables and columns decorated with gold and silver. It is learned from the sources that the artists compete with each other to create the most beautiful sculpture. The vast majority of these sculptures are the statues of the Amazons, who are said to have built the city of Ephesus.


Ephesus Artemis

          Artemis is the virgin hunter Greek goddess of Apollo's brother who took Titan Selene's place as Moon goddess. Efes Artemis is quite different. It is thought that Kibele, the Anatolian goddess of Ephesus, is a cult of Anatolia. It is not known how Kibele, the main goddess of Anatolia, came to Ephesus and how he started to cultivate there in the name of Artemis, but Kibele passed through various stages and became Artemis accepted.


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