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St. Giragos Armenian Church (Armenian: Surp Սուրբ Կիրակոս եկեղեցի Egeğedz) or St. Kyriakos Church, the Armenian Apostolic Church in the Sur district of Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey.

Surp Giragos Armenian Church, which is accepted as the largest church of the Armenian community in the Middle East, was built in the 16th century according to the information given by Injiciyan. In 1518, after the conversion of the Church of Sen Theodaros into a mosque, the Church of Saint Giragos was built inside the cemetery of the church. The church was subjected to extensive restoration in 1722 by the metropolis of the time, Bedros Vartabed. Surp Giragos Church was devastated by a fire in 1881. According to the documents, the church was accidentally burned and the Armenian community asked the Sultan for permission to repair the church. In this regard, the sheikh was asked fatwa from the sheikh and the sheikh gave the fatwa in the form that sa if an old church in a town that was conquered by peace was burnt down, it was convenient for them to repair the zimmis in accordance with their original state without adding any objects to the church ve. it is given. Thus, the church was rebuilt in 1883 and opened for worship.

When Simeon from Poland visited Diyarbakir, he visited the Armenian churches and said, “In the city, there were two large stone Armenian churches named Surp Kiragos and Saint Sargis, together with the bishopric and school buildings. (Bir) One day, when I went to the church of Saint Kiragos, I saw that there were separate rites in front of the church's five niche. There; I counted twenty-five priests other than vardapet, monks, and bishops. erek Surp Giragos is a very large and active church. The Incician and the travelers who visited the city in the 19th century indicate that the Holy Giragos was a very large church with seven mihrabs.

The name of the Church of Saint Giragos is also referred to as the ‘Small Church’ or ‘Church of the Church anak in the Ottoman archival documents and the sheriff records. As mentioned above, the information given by the travelers who visited Diyarbakir shows that the church is quite a large church. Therefore, we do not know why the church is called ‘Little Church.. However, contrary to the information given by the travelers, Diyarbakır Politician / Teacher Mustafa Akif Tütenk (d. 1952) states that this church was a small church in his memoirs but that a large church was demolished with the propaganda of a directing officer named ‘Çatal-Sakal ec.

The Church of Saint Giragos was used as the headquarters of German officers during the First World War. The old bell tower of the church was destroyed in 1913 as a result of lightning. The very high and magnificent bell tower, which was built by spending 2 thousand gold in 1914, was demolished by the state in 1916 on the grounds that it was higher than the four-legged minaret near the church. Until 1960, military warehouse, Sumerbank cloth warehouse and so on. The church, which was used for various purposes, was transferred to the Armenian community of Diyarbakir after this date. Today, Khidr Ilyas Armenian Church Foundation, Sur District, Savas Mah. Gocmen Sok. No: 12, Surp Giragos Church has been abandoned for a long time. The church, which has not been used for a long time because of lack of congregation, has been restored today and part of the building was opened for worship on 22 October 2011. This bell tower of the church, which had previously been demolished, was repaired and the same bell was built in Moscow. This bronze bell weighing 100 kilograms was mounted on the tower and was raised in the church on 4 November 2012. Since then, the church has been held once a year and the Armenians, especially from Diyarbakir, who are scattered around the world, participate in this ritual.

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