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          Spil Mountain, 24 km from the center of Manisa, followed by the north road from Izmir center, approximately 50 km away from the center of Izmir, the name identified with Manisa, history, mythology and flora is a very rich mountain.

Spil Mountain reaches a height of 1517 meters at the summit of Montenegro starting from the 60-meter level of the Gediz River plain. There are deep valleys around the mountain and stream beds in them.

The vegetation of the mountain is forested. It has a rich flora, including endemic species such as the Manisa tulip. In addition to the famous wild horses, other wildlife species are also available.
Crying Rock

Aglayan Kaya is a natural work found on the slopes of Spil Mountain.

Today, the rock known as the Crying Rock or Niobe Rock in the foothills of Spil Mountain has been discussed since ancient times. As a result of natural wear, her head was tilted and she gained a crying female appearance. It is believed that Niobe, the daughter of Phrygian (or Lydian) Tantalus, who had lost her tears after the children she had lost through the ancient Greek mythology, has been transformed into stone here by Zeus.

According to legend, Niobe had seven daughters and seven daughters, and boasted of being more fertile than Leto, his two children (Apollo and Artemis). Leto decided to punish him for this pride and killed all the sons of Niobe and Apollo and all his daughters to Apollo. The corpses of the children were buried 10 days later by the gods. Returning to his home in Phrygia, Niobe was transformed into a boulder by Zeus, who wanted to relieve his pain, on the slope of the Spylos mountain (Spil-Manisa).

An amphitheater arrangement was recently made to the crying rock. Among those who visit the rock, writing emotional messages on the ground has become a habit.

There is also a aya seat mevki or, altar ile on the Spil Mountain, in the Yarikkaya area, which is associated with Niobe's brother Pelops and named as sanat The Throne of the Pelops Sp and carries the traces of the Phrygian cult.
Sabuncubeli Passage

Sabuncubeli Passage, Manisa and Izmir between the Spil Mountain and the Yamanlar Mountain between Izmir and Bornova metropol district of the road passing through the highway, the highest point 600 m. altitude The gate forms the natural end of the urban development in the northeast of Izmir. In the 1960s, an important afforestation move, covering thousands of hectares, was carried out in the mountains and surroundings.
Sülüklü Lake and Atalanı

Located at an altitude of 600 m to the east of the park, there is a lake called "Sülüklü Lake" because it is full of leeches. Also, the name of the district "Atalanı" near the summit is due to an application that has been going on since the Ottoman Empire period and the fact that horses in the region are left here due to their seasonal or old age. Bungalow-style accommodation is available in Atalanı.
Spil Mountain National Park

It has been known as the national park since 1968 and it is affiliated to the Directorate of Environment and Forestry of Manisa Province.


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