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          Sardis is an ancient city which was located near the village of Sart, in the Salihli district of Manisa and was the capital of Lydia state. It was founded in 1300 BC and was destroyed in 1200 AD. next to it. Sardes is the place where the money was first printed according to known history. It is also the beginning of the famous King's Road in history. The word "sard", which is the name of the western quartz stone used as a precious stone for a long time, comes from the Sart region where the stone was removed in ancient times. At present, quartz stone and gold are continuing.

The first theater ruins known in the history of Sart are also present. There are also approximately 85 graves of Lydian royal cemetery, about 5 km north of Sart. In the village of Sart, there is the Temple of Artemis, one of the 7 temples of Western Anatolia.

The historical library and the king's throne are still largely intact and open to visitors. The majority of the historical monuments in this area are exhibited in the ethnography museum of Manisa. Located on the way to Izmir - Uşak provides great convenience to visit. The main historical buildings in the ancient city of Sardes are:

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