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Malabadi Bridge is 23.2 km away from Silvan and is located in Silvan district. There is easy access from Silvan. It is registered in the Diyarbakir Historical Monuments Inventory. Malabadi Bridge was restored in 1989 by Silvan Municipality. Malabadi Bridge is the main component of the Silvan Municipality logo. Malabadi Bridge is a bridge belonging to the Silvan district.

It was built in 1147 by Timurtaş Bin-i İlgazi during the Artuklu Principality. The bridge is seven meters wide and 150 meters long. Its height is 19 meters from the water level to the keystone. It was built with colored stones and reached to the present day with repairs.

Malabadi Bridge is one of the largest arches of stone bridges in the world. The bridge is within the boundaries of the province of Diyarbakir. On both sides of the arch, there are two rooms on the inside, which are used by the caravan and passengers as shelter, especially during the harsh days of winter. It was said that these chambers, which were also used by bridge guards, were connected to the bottoms of the road before, and the footsteps of the caravans were coming from.

The bridge, which consists of three sections, each of which is of different lengths and broken lines, is connected to the roads with slight slopes in the east and west. The middle section is a mass resting on the rocks. There is a very large arch with a sharp spike of 38.60 m, and a small arch with a basket of three meters. The third part

There are two pointed arches and an opening near the road. Thus, the bridge has five eyes, one of which is very large. The length of the bridge is 150 meters, width is seven and height is 19 meters from low water level to keystone. The bridge was built with colored stones. There are two light-arched chambers measuring 4.5-5.3 m on either side of the large arch, a masonry door of five meters wide in the middle of the large arch where the passage is controlled, and on both sides there are also two doors. One of them remained on the Batman side and the other was destroyed. The stairs to the left side of each of the descendants. These rooms have high ceilings and brick floors. The windows are large and large.

Evliya Celebi introduces the bridge as follows: two There are iron gates on both sides of the bridge, such as castle gates. In these gates, there are inns under the arch, along with the foundation of the bridge. There are many rooms under the arch of the bridge. Iron windows, the guests sit down to the hawkshines, chat with the men on the opposite side of the belt, some fishing with fishing nets and fishing rods. Rooms are nice with windows on the right and left of this bridge. Nehcivan steel. But there is also a blacksmith master made some kind of articulated cage railings and actually showed the mastery of his hand. Indeed, the master engineer has shown this workmanship.

Albert Gabriel says: bridge At the time when there was no modern static calculation, such a work is admirable and admirable. The dome of Hagia Sophia can easily enter under the bridge. In the Balkans, in Turkey, in the Middle East, this opening, there is no bridge at that age. "

Evliya Celebi wrote about the bridge in his Travelogue: Under the Malabadi Bridge, the dome of Hagia Sophia enters.

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