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At the end of the 15th century Koza Khan II. It was built by Bayezid in Bursa by the architect Abdül ula bin Pulat Şah as a foundation for his works in Istanbul.

There is a small mosque with a fountain under the courtyard of the building, which is located between Ulu Mosque and Orhan Mosque. The Ottoman period is a work in the architecture of the inn and caravanserai - in terms of the masjid in the middle - which maintains the old traditions and maintains its integrity. It has taken many names in the past: Yeni Khan, Khan-i Cedid, Khan-i Cedid-i Evvel (after the construction of Rice Khan), Khan-i Cedid-i Amire, Yeni Kervansaray, Beylik Khan, Beylik Kervansaray, Simkesh Khan, Sirmakesh Han and Koza Han ". Silk cocoon trade has been made in this inn because it is called Koza Han. Silk traders coming to Bursa for the trading of cocoons held two rooms in the inn, providing the accommodation service in the inn; Han maintains its commercial function today.

Architectural features

The inn consists of a two-storey main block around a rectangular courtyard near the square and a second courtyard section with barns and warehouses to the east. Mixed technique of brick and cut stone was used in the outer wall. There are 45 rooms on the ground floor and 50 rooms on the lower floor. There is a portico on the top and bottom of the rooms. While the upper floor porches were made of wood, they were turned into paper. The portico arches are bricks and domed. The rooms are covered with vaults. Each has two windows opening outwards.

In the middle of the courtyard, as in some Seljuk caravanserais, there is a separate mosque. The masjid is an eight-edged structure with a pool fountain underneath; covered with a lead covered dome.

The building is accessed through a circular arched door in the north, decorated with blue reliefs, which is made of stone relief. A stone staircase from both sides of the entrance leads to the upper floor.

The second courtyard, which was built as an animal barn, is called "Inner Cocoon Khan". In this one-storey section, food and beverage service is provided today.


Koza Khan does not have an inscription, but in Istanbul II. According to the foundation of the mosque and the complex built for Bayezid in 1505 in the General Directorate of Foundations, Koza Khan, whose income was dedicated to this complex, started in March 1490 and opened on 29 September 1491. However, it was revealed that the caravanserai mentioned in the foundation was not Rice Khan but not Koza Khan, and that the place of Koza Khan was purchased from various people in 1490.

It was repaired in 1671-1672 and 1685. In the 1950s, the inn underwent extensive restoration and its eyes became modern business centers.

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