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          Karatepe, Osmaniye province in the 8th century BC within the boundaries of the Late Hittite age, the Hittite King Asivatas against the attacks from the north as a border fortress was founded around the Asitivada (Aslanta-Karatepe) Castle around the Open-Air Museum today.

Karatepe is located about 135 km east of Adana, 25 km east of Osmaniye and on the edge of Aslantaş Dam Lake. It is on a natural hill. It is at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. Karatepe used to be a caravan. While Karatepe was known as an unknown place until 1946, it was reported by the teacher Ekrem Kuşçu to the director of the Adana Museum Naci Kum. In 1946, the German archaeologist Prof.Dr. Excavations were conducted under the direction of H.Th.Bossert.

The Karatepe-Aslantaş Open Air Museum is very different from the other historical sites in Anatolia. This place is surrounded by the dam on three sides by the construction of Aslantaş Dam. It is on a peninsula and covered with trees. The old caravan road next to Karatepe; Used before the Hittites, during the Hittites and during the Crusades

Until recently, the migration of the Yoruks has been. A beautiful area before the entrance to the museum is used as a promenade. Karatepe has two front doors.

There is a statue of two lions at the entrance gate to the southwest. Various figures (stone reliefs) exhibiting the living of that day as a wall cladding on dark brown and light yellow basalt stones in various places. There are Finike and Hittite hieroglyphics and a statue of the God of Storm, about three meters tall. At the entrance to the northeast, there are two sphinxes with human head and lion body.

In the right and left chambers there is the same text with the relief of the God of the Sun and other various reliefs. There are cuneiform and Hittite hieroglyphic writings. It was taken over by Asarhaddon in 680, it was burned and destroyed. The walls of the fortress were demolished. The inner and outer walls of the castle are 4-6 mt. The space between the double walls is filled with stone, rubble and soil. The east-west length of the fortress is 196 meters and the north-south is 376 meters. There are 34 rectangular bushes in the 18dörtgen20 m.

An example of the inscriptions on basalt stones:

’I am the King of Adanava. The man of the Sun's Deity, the servant of the Storm God, I expanded to the east of Adanava, east of Avanidos. I got along well with neighboring kings. I took the opposites under my foot, crushed. I have plenty. I've fed the hungry, I've provided peace and confidence. In these places where armed men cannot travel, I helped the young and beautiful women to travel alone in peace and trust by Kirmen. Who, what I do, breaks this castle and the door, breaks this order. God give him the trouble. My name alone is immortal, like the sun and the moon.


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