Osmaniye Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

Osmaniye Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

Çukurova has been the cradle of various civilizations (Hittite, Persian, Roman) from the first ages. Osmaniye, which is suitable for settlement due to its geographical and strategic location, is the gateway of Eastern Anatolia. It is on the road connecting with Middle Eastern countries. The fact that the silk trade route passes through this region has increased the importance of the region. Especially in the First Ages, the tribes who ensured their livelihood by piracy settled on the Nur Mountains. Pirates who flew merchant ships arriving at the Port of Isos and navigating the Mediterranean Sea were sheltered in the Nur Mountains.

The Turkish raids to Anatolia were made during the reign of Abbasid Caliph Harun Rashid. Harun Reşit, who established the Hassa armies from the Turks, had his Anatolian voyages built with Turkish soldiers by the Abbasid armies. In the region, Harun Reşit Castle is known as Haruniye, now Düziçi. The Turks who came to Anatolia saw that these regions were very similar to Central Asia in terms of climate and geographical form. They began to explore places in Anatolia where they would be able to live.

With the victory of 1071 Malazgirt, the gates of Anatolia were opened to the Turks. Conquest movements began in Anatolia between 1082 and 1083 under the command of Afşin Bey, the commander of Suleiman Shah, Kutalmışoğlu. One of the Turkmen tribes from Çukurova, Ulaşlı tribe settled here, seeing the Nur Mountains as the most suitable region for them to live.

The livelihood of the tribe settled in the Haraz region of Osmaniye was animal husbandry. Constantly moving between the highland and the barracks, the tribe began to use Haraz as a barracks and the Nur Mountains as a highland.

In 1517, an important commercial center appeared in the east of Toprakkale where the Silk Road passed. This region, which includes the Fakuşağı, Dereobası, Karacalar and Erzin, was called Kınık. In this city, Bezirganlar from Adana, Tarsus, Maras and Belen brought their merchandise and sold it in Isneyn market. Since it was founded on Sunday and Tuesday, it was called isneyn. Kınık city consisted of 5 neighborhoods, 12 villages and 48 hamlets. In his Travel Book, the famous traveler Evliya Çelebi refers to this region as the Kınık City. In fact, the name of the region that includes Erzin and Dortyol and even Ceyhan and Yumurtalığı is Osmaniye.

Celali Rebellions, which emerged in Anatolia during the period of pause of Ottoman Empire, also affected the tribe of living in the Nurlı. In order to ensure the internal security and political stability of the Ottoman Empire, Derviş Pasha was appointed to implement the forced resettlement in Çukurova. Dervish Pasha established his headquarters in 1865 on the slope of Dereobası Village of Osmaniye with the soldiers called Fırka-i Islahiye. Cerit, Akçakoyunlu and Tecirli tribes living in the plain placed in the region where they were located.

Osmaniye, which was founded in 1866 in Hacıosmanlı, was connected to the Sadeyir sanjak of Payas. The province of Uzeyir was attached to Aleppo. The sanjak center moved from Payas to Yarpuz (Cbel, Eski Osmaniye) in 1874 and was renamed as Cebeli Bereket Sanjak. To this sancak; Osmaniye, Payas, Erzin, Islahiye, Hassa, Garden, Ceyhan and Yarpuz accidents were connected.

Between 1905 and 1924, Cebeli Bereket remained as a sanjak. In 1908, the center moved to Osmaniye. After 1924, it turned into a starboard. Osmaniye, which was a province from 1924 to 1933, was converted into a district on 1 June 1933. On October 26, 1996, the Parliament was granted the right to be a province again. However, the natural boundaries of Osmaniye did not occur. While Erzin, Dörtyol and even Yumurtalık are included in the natural Osmaniye borders; The Kadirli and the new district Sumbas were the borders of the Sanjak of. The fact that the provinces were transformed into districts and then became provinces again caused confusion in the borders.

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