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          Isa Bey Mosque is located in the Selçuk district of Izmir, between the Temple of Artemis and Saint Jean Church. It was built by Aydınoğlu Isa Bey in 1375. Mimar is the work of Şamlı Ali. İsa Bey Mosque is one of the oldest and most spectacular works belonging to the Anatolian Principalities period of Turkish architectural history. It was also used as a caravanserai in the 19th century.

          The building, which has an important place within the period of Beyliks, has a plan which is not used except a few examples in Anatolian Turkish architecture. Starting from the era when it belongs to Anatolia, Turkish architects will see significant effects of this new plan schemes are based on Islamic architecture in Syria and has an old past descending to the Sham Emeviye Camii. The innovation brought about by this architecture in terms of architecture has been the courtyard of the portico that participated in the mosque. In addition, the structure is also remarkable with its Zengi and Mameluke influences as much as its architecture. This structure, which constituted a synthesis of different cultures, was also a source for Ottoman architecture.