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        Hatay Archeology Museum or Antakya Archeology Museum is an art museum that exhibits works of antiquity. As of December 28, 2014, the museum has the largest mosaic exhibition area in the world.

Old Museum

In the Antakya Republic area, near the Asi River and near the bridge. At the time of its active activity, it had the world's third largest mosaic museum and mosaic artifact collection. Most of these works were discovered during the excavations carried out between 1932-1939.

The construction of the Hatay Archeology Museum, which was the second largest archaeological museum in the world, began in 1934. These construction works were inspired by the excavations in Antakya and its environs in 1932 and were initiated by the advice of French archaeologist M. Prost. The museum building was completed in 1938, and a year later Hatay, was a province of the Republic of Turkey. The museum was opened on 23 July 1948. In 1975, the museum went through a revision.

Hatay Archeology Museum collection was exhibited in eight exhibition halls and gardens. The works were arranged in accordance with the places. The rooms were full of large windows, so there was plenty of natural light. Most of the labels were Turkish and English.

New Museum

It is the largest archaeological museum in the world. a total of 32,754 square meters of indoor space, 10,700 square meters of exhibition space and 3500 square meters of mosaics exhibited was built as the largest mosaic exhibition area in the world. The new museum building was opened by Ahmet Davutoğlu, Prime Minister of the period with an official ceremony on 28 December 2014.

On May 4, 2015, the media reported that there were major errors and losses in the restorations made during transportation. Upon this, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums said that the restoration of the museum was completely canceled and an inspection commission was established. Two days later, the press denied the allegations and stated that there was no destruction. One day after this statement, the allegations were presented to the press and the statement was repeated that the allegations were distortions and not reality.


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