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Ikizarasi City Park, which was built on an area of ​​120.000 m2 in Kılıçözü, became a new face of the changing face of Kırşehir.

Parks and areas surrounding parks should be not only places where nature is connected, but also social and cultural areas. Therefore, we have built an area where people can relax and spend time with social activities with our Ikizarası City Park project.

With the completion of this project, it gained a serious acceleration towards becoming a Kırşehir brand city, and has a healthy, peaceful and beautiful area where many opportunities are combined.

Within the project; sports complex, island restaurant, youth center, sales units, children's playgrounds, wc groups, observation tower, concert area, amphitheater groups, bridged crossings, canoeing, walking paths, water games are available. It is also considered as a breeding project.

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takvim 15/07/2019
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