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         Saint Pierre Church consists of a cave 13 meters deep, 9.5 meters wide and 7 meters high carved into the rocks at the west of Stauris Mountain. This cave, which was used by the first Christians in Antioch for secret meetings, is considered one of the oldest churches of Christianity.

It is known that in the Works of the Acts of the Bible, Barnabas went to Tarsus and brought Pavlos to Antioch, spreading Christianity to work together in Antakya for one year, and that the name of those who believed in this religion took place in Antakya. In addition to this information, Pavlos in his letter to the Galatians states that he came to Antioch to discuss the situation of Peter and Christianity in that day. The Christian tradition accepted Peter as the founder of the Antioch Church and the first supper of Christianity.

From the early period of the church to the present, only the pieces of the floor mosaic and the wall paintings on the right side of the altar remain. The tunnel opened to the mountain is thought to have been used by Christians gathered here to escape during raids. The water collected from the rocks in the trough was used for baptism. Until recently, these water leakage that the visitors drink and accept by the patients has decreased due to earthquakes.

On the stone altar in the middle of the church, there is a stone podium placed on the 21st of February for the Feast of Saint-Pierre, which is celebrated in Antakya. The marble Saint Pierre statue above the altar was built in 1932. In 1098, the Crusaders who had captured Antakya, extended the church to a few meters and attached it to the front with two arches. In 1863, the façade of the Pope IX. It was rebuilt by the priests of Kapuçin who started the restoration works at the request of Pius. Restoration III. Napoleon also contributed. The ruins that remained to the left of the entrance to the church were once left behind from the arch in front of the façade.

It is known that the garden was used as a cemetery for several centuries. The graves were also found in the interior of the church, especially around the altar. The church, which is now a museum, can be held under the supervision of the museum directorate with the permission of the governorship.


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