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        Celsus Library is a library in Ephesus, Izmir, Seljuk. The library is built in the Ionian period, which is one of the first civilizations. It is thought to have hosted about 14,000 houses at the time.


The building, which is one of the most beautiful buildings of the Roman period, undertook both the library and the tomb monument. When Celsius, the governor of Ephesus, died in 106, his son built the library as a tomb monument in the name of his father. Celsius's sarcophagus is under the western wall of the library. The Front was restored between 1970-1980. Book rolls in the library were hiding in the niches on the walls.


In the year of M.S.135, it was built by the Roman architect vitruoya by julius aguila, the asian consul. 60.5 x 16.72 m. Two-storey exterior, 15 m. consisting of a single horseshoe, is passed from the gate on the back wall to the tomb of Celsus.
The sculpture found here of Celsus is in the archeology museum of Istanbul today. The decoration of the front pavement, which completely reflects Roman architectural features, is among the most beautiful examples of the revolution. The four female statues among the front facade columns symbolize the '' mind '', '' destiny '', '' science '' and '' virtue '', and these sculptures' originalities are now in Vienna. Paragraph book rolls were sheltered in a book shelf with two-sided bricks so that they would not be affected by moisture. During this period, this library produced the world's greatest scientists and thinkers.


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