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          In the decius period, seven sleepers have to be sacrificed because of the practices of the pagan beliefs of Maximilian, Lamblicus, Martinian, John, Dionysius, Exacustodianus and Antoninus (names have not been proven).The names of the Seven Sleepers pass this way in Christianity. The young people who refuse to accept this escape from the king's troops and take shelter in a cave. Soldiers who do not struggle to get inside leave on the cave and leave for 7 younger deaths. After 200 odd years, Lamblicus opens the cover of the cave and descends. The man who saw that everything changed in the city tells the chief bishop that he does not use old money while shopping and that people now believe in Jesus. According to the Bishop, this is a miracle.
This story of Orthodox and Catholic churches lost value due to the rise of Protestantism and the Seven Sleepers remained a mere story in the Christian religion.

          Though there are 33 cities in the world claiming that the cave is within its borders, according to the majority of Christian sources, the city is Ephesus, which is considered holy by Christians. A church built on top of this cave in Ephesus was uncovered in an excavation between 1927-1928, and the graves belonging to the 5th and 6th centuries were found at the end of the excavation. Inscriptions dedicated to the Seven Sleepers are found both in the graves and on the church walls.


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