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Çanlı Church, which has attracted attention with its mummies extracted from today, is also an important religious center.

Where is Çanlı Kilise?

Located 17 kilometers from Aksaray and 4 kilometers northeast of the village of Akhisar, Çanlı Church is located in an area dominated by the environment.

Excavations yielded finds such as coins, bulbs made of lead, pieces of glass bracelets, metal earrings, rings, written documents, mummies and mummy pieces.

Çanlı Inside the church Hz. It is decorated with frescoes about Jesus and his disciples. Çanlı Church and its environs are one of the important areas that need to be explored and given to tourism. The church and its environs have houses of various sizes, carved into the rocks, dating back to the tenth to fourteenth centuries. In the researches, it was understood that the big houses were divided into pieces in order to ensure the survival of more than one family when the people of the region became poor.

The architectural survey conducted in the settlement area to the east of the Çanlı Church revealed a monastery consisting of two large churches, two chapels and the chambers nearby.

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