Aksaray Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

Aksaray Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

Origin of name

The city, which was called Kurşura in Hittite tablets and called Garsaura in the First Age, was rebuilt during the reign of Archeleos, the King of Cappadocia, and named as Archelais in the meaning of the city of Archeleos (such as Caesar-Kayseri, Herakleia-Ereğli). After the Turks came to Anatolia, it started to be called Aksaray by attracting the name to the Turkish language and it was mentioned as Aksara in some Ottoman archives. It has maintained its historical name for nearly a thousand years. Among the people and in the Evliya Çelebi Travel Book II. The white house built by Kılıçarslan is named after the white house, and there is no official or historical basis.


The history of the city of Aksaray dates back to ancient times. The settlement, which was called "Garsaura" during the Hittite period, was rebuilt by the last Cappadocian king Archelaos. The city was rebuilt and the city was called Archaleis. With the end of the Kingdom of Cappadocia, the settlement was added to the Roman territory. The settlement, which was a Roman colony during the reign of Claudius, was referred to as "Colonia Archelais". After the separation of Rome into two Byzantine administration in 1078 after the settlement with the surrounding settlements entered the Seljuk rule. Kutalmışoğlu 's administration by the Seljuks, then the settlement of the newly established Anatolian Seljuk Empire joined the territory. Sultan II. The city was reconstructed by Kılıç Arslan in 1170 and the settlement was named as aray Aksaray nedeniyle due to the palace it was built. Because the Sultan lived mostly in the city and military facilities were built by the sultan, the titles Dârüzzafer, Dârürribât and Dârülcihâd were also given.

With the weakening of the Anatolian Seljuk State, the settlement was dominated by the Karamanoğulları Principality. He changed hands between Eretna Principality and Karamanoğulları for a while. After settling under Ottoman rule in 1399, after the Battle of Ankara in 1402, Karamanoğulları was rejoined. After the Karamanoğlu-Ottoman struggle, in 1468, it was definitely under Ottoman rule. The settlement suffered great damage in the Ottoman-Karamanoğlu struggle, and the Ottoman population was transferred to Istanbul. With the settlement of these masses subjected to compulsory resettlement, the Aksaray district was established in Istanbul.

In the Ottoman records of 1530, there were 37 neighborhoods in Aksaray, a detached liva connected to the Sanjak of Niğde in the province of Karaman, with an estimated population of 5000-6000. The first official census of the Ottoman Empire was made for the identification of only the male population, according to which there were 2,322 men in the center of Aksaray. In the mid-19th century, the settlement was mentioned as an accident due to Niğde. In the 1868-69 dated charter, there were 1020 households in the settlement. It was the central district of the provincial organization established with the first years of the Republic. With the closure of Aksaray in 1933, it became a district of Niğde. With the law no. 3578 enacted in 1989, Aksaray became the central district of this province.

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