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Ayvalık islands Nature Park It is a nature park which covers 19 of Ayvalık Islands which is located in Ayvalık district of Balıkesir province. It was formed by the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 21 April 1995. Park; It has 1,179 ha treasury land, 1,930 ha forest, 872 ha private property, 13,969 ha sea and 17,950 ha.

The nature park attracts attention with its historical and cultural values, historical tourism, cultural tourism with its unspoiled traditional building style, faith tourism with its restored monasteries and churches, sea tourism with its beaches and bays, diving tourism with its diversity and beauties, and boat tours between many islands.

The islands surrounding the Ayvalık coastline form an inland view. The coasts of Ayvalık become sheltered coves. The islands and the surrounding sea are the most important landscaping elements of the nature park. There are 752 plant species, some of which are aromatic, 5 of which are endemic.

671 marine species have been identified in the survey conducted in the marine part of the natural area. Sea water temperature is 5 ° C in winter and 27 ° C in summer. Salinity is between 31.0 psu and 39.0 psu.

The islands in the park area are: Cunda (Alibey) Island, Naked Island, Pınar (Mosko-Guide) Island, Yellice (Poyraz) Island, Güneş Island, Kız Island, Maden (Pirgos) Island, Egg (East) Island, Black Island, Fish Island, Straw Island, Pigeon Island, Kucukmaden Island, Stony Island, Lonely Island, Sail (Ayiyalo) Island, Round Island, Egg (West) Island, Eye Island.

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