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Amasya Archeology and Mummy Museum or Amasya Museum is an ethnography, archeology and mummy museum founded in 1958.

In 1925, II. A small number of archaeological artifacts gathered in the two rooms of the madrasa building, which is part of the Beyazıt Complex, and the Islamic period mummies were brought together to create a Museum Depot. In 1962, he moved to the Gökmedrese Mosque and served as an honorary officer until 1958. In June 1958, he was turned into a museum director. It was moved to its modern building on March 22, 1977, and reorganized on June 14, 1980 to give its present appearance.


In the museum, there are around 24,000 works, including archaeological, ethnographic, coins, seals, manuscripts and mummies belonging to 11 different civilizations.

    Archaeological work: 5524 pieces
    Ethnographic work: 17187 pieces
    Study Title: 1247 pieces
    Total: 23958 pieces

Six mummies belonging to the period of İlhanlı are exhibited in the tomb of Sultan Mesud I in the museum garden. This section is the most visited part of the museum. The mummies belong to the Anatolian governor Şehzade Cumudar, Amasya Emir İşbuga Noyan, İzzettin Mehmet Pervane, the concubine, boys and girls. These are brought from Burmali Minaret Mosque and Fethiye Mosque tombs.

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