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Abrenk Vank Church is one of the important historical buildings of Erzincan. The history of the Abrenk Church, one of the most solid Armenian monasteries in Anatolia, dates back to 1854, according to the inscription of the church. Next to the Abrenk Church on Vank Mountain, there is a chapel surrounded by walls and two obelisks. It is known that the history of the obelisks dates back to the 12th century. Although Sarp Davit dazzles with the architecture of the Abrenk Church, also known as the Armenian Monastery, it is expected to be protected due to neglect.

1854 dates from the entrance gate.
Along with the church there is a chapel and two obelisks.
These stones attract attention with their architecture and decoration, XII. YY. After the Seljuk Prince Nasurettin period, they carry inscriptions.

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