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          The cave on the top of Zeytintaşı bound to the Serik district of Antalya is 8 million years old and its formation continues (Live cave). It was found incidentally in 1997 when studies were done to open the queen. It is 54 km away from Antalya and 10 km away from Aspendos.

          The Zeytintasi Cave is an interesting cavern covered with pristine rich dripstones. Covering the entrance of the cave immediately and protecting it prevents destruction of dripstones. The interior of the cave is covered with dripstone formations of all kinds. Pasta stalactites, which grow in every part of the cave, and whose size is somewhere around 0.5 m, are characteristic of Zeytintaşı Cave. In the same time, the ponds situated among the big columns transform the appearance of the cave into more interesting forms.

           Zeytintaşı Cave is prohibited from using camera to prevent damage to formations, frequent warning about not to make noise inside, frequent warning about noise inside a group, protection measures such as closing a door to a cave entrance
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