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          The name "Side" means "Pomegranate" in Anatolian language. This feature and the information obtained from some of the inscriptions in the document indicate that the Side date dates back to the Hittites. But it is also said that it was founded before the 1st century BC, one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia.Persians from the Lydians, Helen from the Greater Alexander and the Romans; You can see the building characteristics of Greek, Roman, Byzantine periods. It is 75 km from Antalya and 7 km from Manavgat.


          The historical theater is an ancient city, an ancient city with historical remains dating to the beach, Apollon Temple, Big Splendid City Gate, Baths, Agora, Old Houses and museum. agora, agora bath, Grand Gate and magnificent ancient theater.


          There are various historical artifacts from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods together with the side museum wide garden which was used as agora bath in the past. The Great Gate built in the Hellenistic period is also the main gate of the city. Also at the entrance of the Hemen door is also located in Vespasianus Fountain. The Side Theater was built to the size of 20,000 spectators and built on arches, not mountain slopes like the other Roman theaters. Another feature of the Side Port is the Temple of Apollo, located right next to the harbor. as a god of light, beauty and art, is taken from Apollo, one of the chief gods of the city of Side, and it is a privilege to watch the sunset in the temple.


          Side has 9 beaches. Shivering Lake-1, Titreyen Lake-2, Sorgun, Sorgun-2, Side, Side public beach are some of these. Side beaches also have rafting facilities.


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