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          Kurşunlu Waterfall is a waterfall that is reached when it is turned 7 km to the left from the 24th km of Antalya-Isparta highway.

The main waterfall is spilled from an elevation of 18 meters. The seven ponds that have come to the water with relatively smaller waterfalls constitute the integrity of the leaded waterfalls. Gölcükler is about 6 meters deep and covers an area of ​​1600 square meters. Kurşunlu Waterfall is within a 2-kilometer canyon. This area was opened in 1986 as a park. The waterfall and picnic area covers an area of ​​33 hectares. Within the picnic area; landscape viewing terraces, children's park, restaurant, parking, walking patrols, drinking water, toilet. Transportation can be provided with municipal buses and minibuses. Minibuses 230 and 231 and bus number 79 can be used to reach the guardian complex. These tools depart from Antalya center at the beginning of the hour.


           It is the best time to visit the park from April to December. Day trip picnics, nature walks are among the activities that you can visit. There is a facility in Nature Park to meet their eating and drinking needs.

           The diversity of the rich vegetation and shrub formation of the oriental waterfall is a distinct element that increases the natural beauty. There are many different species of trees and small plant communities in the area where the redbird is located. The leaded waterfall area is a family home like boar, fox, rabbit, squirrel, bat, ibibik, woodpecker. In addition, submersibleness enhanced the development of interesting formations spread over a wide spectrum.

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LEBANON SEDİRİ (Toros Sediri - Tar tree)

These trees, which can live up to 1000 years, are among the monumental trees of our country with yew, plane, oak and juniper trees. In our country there are samples of 2 meters diameter and 40 meters length at 1000 years old. The wind is durable, susceptible to pollution.


Kurşunlu waterfall is a historical monument with the feature of being the only mill which is one of the 10 mills established by the villagers 200 years ago and still operating.


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