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Kilitbahir Castle was built in 1452 by the Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in the village of Kilitbahir in order to prevent the Papal Navy from assisting the Byzantine Empire during the siege of Istanbul. The castle consists of inner and outer walls and a 7-storey triangular tower in the courtyard. The inner castle has 7 floors. Later, it was restored for the first time by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1541. During this restoration, a tower (Sarikule) was built at the outer end with a fortification wall surrounding the southern part. The castle was restored in 1870 by Sultan Abdülaziz for the second time. The original outer sea wall of the northern part does not exist today. The northern part of this section in 1893-1894 years II. It was rebuilt by Abdulhamid. The outer walls (outer castle) are 4 m high, the second outer castle is 18 m and the inner castle is 30 m high. Wall thickness is between 4-6 m. The southern parts of the sea walls were used as cannons. The castle was built with completely rough carved stones. The openings are tiled arches and the doors and windows are made of white marble. The castle played a very important role in the Gallipoli Wars. This castle was registered as Kültürel Cultural Property to be Protected ”by the Ministry of Culture on 14 November 1980.

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