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          Karain Cave is one of Turkey's largest natural cave. It is located within the boundaries of Yağca neighborhood, which is 5-6 km from the old Antalya-Burdur highway, 30 km north of Antalya. At the 13th km of Antalya-Burdur highway turn left at the Karain sign and enter Karain Cave road. The distance to Antalya is 27 km. Excavations have been carried out since 1946. From the excavations made, it was concluded that the region was used as settlement center 500.000 years ago today. Is the largest cave man lived in Turkey. It is exhibited in the Karain Museum located in the immediate vicinity of the finds and in the pre-historic section of the Antalya Museum.

          While most of the known paleolithic caves on Earth represent only a period, Karain shows an unbroken stratification as Lower, Middle and Upper, and the data obtained from these strata are important for giving an idea of ​​the connections and migration routes between Europe and the Near East. In addition to the oldest known human remains in Anatolia, which are seized from Karain, portable art products discovered in the cave are the first examples of Anatolian art. There are also remains of animals such as lions, giraffes, elephants, water mules and hyenas. Bone tools, abundant beads, ceramic fragments and painted ceramics from the Chalcolithic Age stand out among the finds.


          The cave has been constantly kept in palaeolithic, neolithic, chalcolithic, and old bronze by protohistoric ages and by people in the classical age. The archaeological finds obtained from excavations in Karain Cave fill an important gap in Anatolian archaeological studies with the settlement traces seen from the lower paleolithic to the late Roman period. The usage in the classical periods is more like Adak Cave (temple) and there are Greek inscriptions and niches on the cave forehead and outer walls.


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