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         The beach, which is located in the Kalkan district of Kas, is 20 km from Kaş and 7 km from Kalkan. Kaputas Beach, which has the same name as itself and is surrounded by steep cliffs in an impressive bay, is the rare natural beauty of our country.

           Kaputas Beach has a cold water due to the spring waters flowing under the coast, but it warms up rapidly during the summer due to the effect of the sun. The plaja protected by Kalkan Municipality is free of charge. In fact, there is no facility, toilet, water, sunshine, sun beds, buffet on the beach which is a canyon mouth.

           There is also a cave on Kaputas Beach. Known as the name Blue Cave, this cave has once lived seals.It is necessary to use a boat to go to Kaputas beach. Those who go by car need 193 stairs to get down to the beach.


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