Ordu Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

Ordu Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

In the Ottoman period, in 1920, it was separated from the province of Trabzon, and on April 4, 1920, it became a province.

The province of Ordu was founded by the name of 'Kotyora' (Kut District) in the region known as Bozukkale among the people who were 5 kilometers outside the city center before 400 BC. Kotyora (Cotyora) means "Kut region".

According to the research and sources of the author Mithat Baş; According to the documents in the Ottoman archives, the army was established by the Turks. There is no ancient remnant of the same name in the place where today's Army was founded in the first and middle ages. Today, the ancient “Kotyora Boz called Bozukkale near Ordu has no historical connection with the Army. The name of the army was given by Hacı Emiroğlu Süleyman Bey in 1396 as a result of the gathering of 12 thousand people force to conquer Giresun in Eskipazar today.

According to the author Özhan Öztürk from the Black Sea, the name Kotyora is inherited from the former inhabitants of the region, Kolhisli (Tzan / Laz). Kotyora literally means Koto (Old Laz: pottery) + uri (indicating belonging in Laz) Kotoyuri means "potter; pot, place of pottery". Former inhabitants of the region Tzan / Can / Zan (Laz) Antiquity and Medieval resources and the fixed presence of the region Canik (Tzanika / Zanik: Tzan / Can / Zan: Laz national names + ancient region, country, soil = Tzan / Laz Region) their name and many other toponyms also support the fact that they named the city Kotyora.

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