Edirne Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

Edirne Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

Edirne located in Turkey's Marmara Region, Thrace collar, east Kırklareli and Tekirdağ, Çanakkale and the Aegean Sea in the south, Evros (Greece) and north Haskovo (Bulgaria) is surrounded by the provinces.
Edirne name, the city's Latin and Greek name Hadrianoupolis (Hadrianus founded the city, the city of Hadrianus) the word in Turkish Edrenebol, Edrene and Edirne has evolved into the present state. Another possibility is that the city evolved from the Bulgarian name Odrin, which was also derived from Hadrianoupolis.

Selimiye Mosque
Historical buildings in the center of Edirne province to other cities of Turkey is relatively well preserved. The places to be seen in the city can be grouped under two titles: Roman-Byzantine period and Ottoman-Turkish period.

Roman-Byzantine period
There are no more remains from this part of the city's history; the unique structure of this period in the city, the ruins of the Roman walls of Hadrianopolis, which had survived until the end of the 19th century, and also a clock tower, which was built in 1893 on the grounds that it was damaged in the earthquake in 1953 and destroyed the skyline of the city, was demolished using dynamite. Macedonia Tower. The name of the Tower of Macedonia is mentioned in the book named Seyahatnâme by Evliya Çelebi, the famous traveler of the Ottoman Empire.

Ottoman-Turkish period
The city is quite rich in terms of buildings from this period, and these can be divided into two subheadings as religious and civil structures.

Religious buildings

Old mosque exterior wall
The most magnificent of these structures is the Selimiye Mosque (1575), which is considered the culmination of classical Ottoman architecture and which Mimar Sinan called 'my masterpiece'. In addition, Eski Mosque (1414) and Üç Şerefeli Mosque (1447) decorate the city center as monuments of pre-classical Ottoman architecture. Other historical mosques that can be seen in the city include Muradiye Mosque (1426), Ayşekadın Mosque, Darülhadis Mosque, Defterdar Mosque, Hıdır Ağa Mosque, Gazimihal Mosque and Şahmelek Mosque.

The second Beyazit Kulliyesi (1488), located just outside the city of Edirne, attracts attention with its architecture, which is used as a Health Museum today, where mentally disabled people are treated as well.

In addition, the Italian Church in Kaleiçi, Sveti Georgi Bulgarian Church in Kiyik and Sveti Helena-Constantine Church in Kirişhane have survived to the present day.

Edirne Great Synagogue is located in Kaleiçi. 3. The structure of the largest and Europe's largest synagogue within the borders of Turkey, on March 26, 2015 after 46-year hiatus is reopened for worship.

Civil structures
Among the civil structures, the bridges of Edirne are among the monumental ones; the oldest of these is the Gazi Mihal Bridge on the Tunca River (1420). Near this bridge there are two smaller bridges called Yıldırım and Seferşah. The first bridge on the road from the city center to Karaağaç is Tunca Bridge (1615) and the second one is Meriç or Mecidiye Bridge (1842), which is located on the Meriç River.

The longest bridge in Edirne is the Long Bridge which is located on the Ergene River outside the city center and named the district center.

The historical Rustem Pasha Caravanserai (1554), some of which is used as a hotel, constitutes one of the monuments of Edirne. The restoration work in this building was awarded the Aga Khan Award in 1980.

Edirne Palace dating from the 15th century was used as an ammunition in the 93 War and after it was understood that the city would fall, the ammunition was blown up to prevent the Russians from getting into the hands of the Russians. After this explosion, only the so-called Justice Pavilion remained intact. The ruins are in the Sarayiçi district where Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling is organized.

Among the civilian historical buildings in Edirne, the old Edirne houses, which are rapidly decreasing in number, occupy an important place. Some of these houses, most of which are wooden, are located in many Kaleici districts, and have been renovated in recent years.

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