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          Aspendos, 8 km east of the Serik district, was founded by Akalar in the 10th century BC and is one of the rich cities of antiquity. The city is built on two hills. In the ancient city, the open air theater, the agora, the basilica, the monumental fountain, the parliament building and the monumental castle, the street and the Hellenistic temple are the buildings to be seen in the ancient city.


         The most famous structure of the ancient city where most of the structures can be reached as daylight is the antique theater of 12 thousand people. Built in the 2nd century AD by Roman Zenon, this ancient theater is one of the earliest examples to reach the present day.


Stories / Legends


          The king of Aspendos has a beautiful daughter whom everyone wants to marry for a while. Because the King did not know who to give his daughter to the public, he announces to the public, "Who will do the most useful thing for our city, my daughter?" On top of that two twin sisters make two big buildings. One is a long way from the city, passing through many difficulties in complex roads, water-bearing aqueducts; it is the acoustically best theater of the world where the voice is heard even from the upper lines when metal money is thrown in the middle of the other. After seeing the King's aqueducts, he would like to give her aqueducts. On top of that, the theater's architect Zenon plays a king game. As the king walks around the top of the theater, he whispers: "The king should give me his daughter." The king, admired by acoustics, divides her daughter with a great sword and gives it to her brothers.



The dominance of the city of Aspendos thinks that the beautiful girls of the world have come to the age of marriage. The architect will marry his daughter with the most useful work. The two architects build their aqueducts that still stand out from the others. The Asiados still construct the aqueducts. The theater is also used today. The king thinks that the architect who built the aquaducts that bring water for miles away deserves her daughter. the most important need is gone. His daughter must marry this architect.Aspendos - 1913 year-old beautiful girl begs father; daddy happens to see the theater once more, make the decision like that. The girl goes to the theater. They go to the top of the vaulted gallery and discuss and discuss. They try to persuade each other. Meanwhile the architect of the theater came to the orchestra and speaks to himself without being aware of the king and his daughter. The father girl who is ignorant of the memories, the father who is arguing also hears this voice. When they turn their heads, a man in the orchestra is in the back with his hands behind his head and the head is curving forward and mumbling. The daughter of the king must be mine, the daughter of the king must be mine. , the architect who made the theater now knows what has succeeded. The architect who gave this acoustics could accomplish everything.


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