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          Arykanda is the ancient city near the Finike district of Antalya province. It is 800 m from the sea. It is an extremely impressive ancient city, which gave its back to a steep rocky hill, on a steep hillside, in a wooded area. The name Arykada means "Place near the High Rock" in the native language of Anatolia, Luvice.


          The British researcher Charles Fellows discovered Arykanda in 1838 based on the tomb inscriptions and coins. No archaeological and written sources of information were found at the time of the first settlement. It is known that Arykanda is an ancient settlement with the formation of a local name in the philological direction. From the 'Anda' annex, it can be said that this city has existed since 2000 BC. However, the earliest finds of Arykanda belong to BC. It belongs to the 5th century. The city was heavily populated, especially during the Roman period, and it survived the brightest period. A.D. After the 3rd century, the period of decline began.


          One of the top terraces of Arykanda has a one-sided seating area, a stadium with a trapezoidal shape after a certain section of the runway. There is a small but very well preserved theater on the bottom of the stadium which is connected to the terraces near by the stairs near the center. The lower terrace of the theater has the odeon and the stairway leading to it. The portico in front of the Odeon surrounds the agora by making a square U letter. In Arykanda, the necropolis occupies several floors of the area covered by formal and special structures.


          There are sarcophagi outside the vaulted tomb rooms in the necropolis. At the bottom of the tomb buildings, which serve as terraces to each other, there is a large hammam standing up to the second floor.One of the most interesting remains of the city is the water roads on the rocks where Aykýrçay Kayýðýn is located.


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