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Zeugma Mosaic Museum is the second largest mosaic museum in the world with its 1700 square meter mosaic opened on 9 September 2011 in Gaziantep. The museum, which was named the  largest mosaic museum in the world  for about 3 years, transferred this title to the Hatay Archeology Museum which was opened on 28 December 2014. The museum hosted over 3,000 visitors during its first day of visit.

It is a leading museum in the world in terms of both architecture and technology. The pieces of the two thousand years old mosaics that have been lost with the plunder of treasure hunters are completed as images with laser system. The mosaics in Zeugma consist of thirteen color harmonies. The Zeugma Mosaic Museum, built in three blocks, will serve as an exhibition and conference hall with mosaic and archaeological museums. Mosaics from Zeugma are exhibited in the museum. In addition, the world famous "Gypsy Girl" mosaic is exhibited here.

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