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          The Fat Mosque or the Old Mosque of Adana is a historical mosque in the center of Adana.After the Armenian Saint Jacgues Church was turned into a mosque by the order of Ramazanoğlu Halil Bey in 1501, a new mosque was built by Halil Bey's son Piri Mehmet Pasha upon his being insufficient to meet the needs of the region. The mosque, which was completed in 1525, is a complex with a madrasah built next to Piri Mehmet Pasha. The construction of the madrasa was completed in 1558.

The Seljuk Grand Mosque is a mosque in the character of the mosque. There is a large and majestic courtyard door, like a monument later added to the building.

Formerly known as the al Old Mosque ii, the building was named anıt the Fat Mosque yapı because of the establishment of a fat market in front of the monumental courtyard door.


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