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          The city, which was founded in the 4th century BC, has remnants of Helen, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods, which survive until today. Kadifekale is on a hill 186 meters high south of the city. it is reported that they continued their dominance here for many years. This castle was built by Lymechos, one of the generals of Alexander the Great. And today there are also remains of this period. There are also Byzantine cisterns. From Kadifekale, only 5 of the western part of the castle and part of the walls of the south remain. Other parts are in ruins.


History of Velvet Castle
B.C. In 541 BC the Persians won the war between the Persians and the Lydians, and the Ionian settlement continued to the Aegean region until BC343. Alexander's departure to Anatolia and the end of the sovereignty of the Persian Hellenistic period and the beginning of the M.Ö. It ends at 134. The Hellenes implement their own urbanization projects together. Thus, what the Helens want is a big trading and port city like Ephesus, Bergama, Rhodes, Alexandria, which are the big cities of the Transformation. There was a great need for the big city. Establishment of this city in old Izmir was impossible due to both the location and the smallness of the area. Therefore, Alexander thinks of establishing a new city as the new place, Pagos hill, which is now known as Kadifekale. According to a custom, he decided to establish a new city on the dream he saw in Iskender Pagos (Kadifedağı). After the death of Alexander the project is suspended for a while due to the duality between the generals. Lysimachos won the battle between the generals, the end of the establishment of the new Izmir is completed. The city starts to build on Pagos Hill. Kadifekale was abandoned because he often exchanged hands among the empires, and over time it was ruined. In the 18th century, the settlement of Kadifekale was resumed and the daylight came up.


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