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          Topkapi Palace It is a palace where the sultans lived for 400 years in the Ottoman history for 600 years. Nearly 4,000 people lived once.

          The palace was built in 1478 by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, and it was the residence of the sultans and the administrative center of the state until Abdülmecit had built the Dolmabahçe Palace. The area of ​​the palace, which is located on an area of ​​approximately 700,000 square meters, is 80,000 square meters.

          Topkapı Palace was evacuated when the people of the palace were living in Dolmabahçe Palace, Yıldız Palace and other palaces and a lot of people were found and never lost importance. The palace was repaired from time to time. For the Muslims, it is important to care every year for the Holy Relief Office visited by the sultan and his family in the month of Ramadan.

         The use of Topkapı Palace as a museum starts with Abdülmecit. The British ambassador of that period was shown the items in the Treasury of the Topkapı Palace. After that, it is becoming a tradition to show the old artifacts in the Topkapi Palace Treasure to foreigners, and in the Abdülaziz period, the shop windows are built and the artifacts in the treasury are shown to foreigners in these showcases. II. Even though Abdülhamid was dethroned, it was thought that Topkapı Palace Treasury-i Hümâyûn would be opened to the public on Sunday and Tuesday, but this could not have happened.

          On April 3, 1924, upon order of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Topkapı Palace, which was attached to the Directorate of Istanbul Asar-ı Atika Museums to be opened to the public, started to serve as the Treasury and then as the Treasury Department. Today, it continues to serve under the name of Topkapı Palace Museum.

          After some minor repairs were made in 1924 and administrative measures were taken for visitors to visit, Topkapı Palace was opened on 9 October 1924 as a museum. The sections opened to visit at that time are Kubbealti, Arz Odasi, Mecidiye Mansion, Hekimbaşı Room, Mustafa Pasha Mansion and Baghdad Pavilion.

          The palace which attracts large masses of tourists today is one of the most important historical monuments within the historical peninsula of Istanbul, which entered the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985. Today it serves as a museum.


          Topkapı Palace, which was completed in 1478, is considered to be the oldest and largest palace in the world.

          Topkapi Palace, 86-carat, considered one of the world's largest diamond Kaşıkçı Diamond is exhibited.

           The Palace Kitchens Exhibition has an important place in the world with its 10,000 pieces of porcelain pieces.

          In the Sacred Relics Exhibition Hall, especially many objects and objects that are brought to Istanbul after the Egyptian conquest of Yavuz Sultan Selim, which is important in the religion of Islam, are exhibited.


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