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Tokat Castle, construction date and which was built by civilization is unknown Kermen. The oldest traces of the castle belong to the 5th or 6th centuries and it is known that the castle existed in these years. The rocks where the building was built have the characteristics of a natural castle, but the walls and the rooms inside the castle were built by people.

Looking at the known history of the building whose first settlers are unknown, the oldest settlers are known to have migrated from Komana Pontika. After the construction of the castle, which was in the hands of the Eastern Roman Empire for many years, was seized by Danişmend Gazi in 1074 and the Great Seljuk State dominated the castle. After the Seljuks, the castle, which was dominated by the Ottoman Empire, was repaired during the Seljuk and Ottoman periods and was used for defense purposes. The structure, which was sometimes used as a prison for the rebels and state administrators, was also called Çardak-ı Bedevi. Also known as Dracula III. Vlad is one of those who lived in prison. The castle is used for defensive purposes, rather than the period of the Republic of Turkey has gained cultural significance.

This point, which sees from above and controls the hill called Kızılıniş Pass and Gıggıj, is very safe in terms of castle defense and it is very advantageous in terms of attack. Today, it is located in the center of Tokat and the central district is located around the castle. The castle is the highest point of the city.

The parts of the castle that survived to the present day resemble the medieval architecture. The city walls were gradually built into the rock masses using cut stones and debris, the inner and outer walls. The pentagonal structure was reinforced with eight bushes and designed to allow the use of natural cliffs in the north as doors. The most damaged north and south walls of the castle were destroyed by earthquakes and neglect, and only the structures on the bedrock remain. In addition, the rocky walls of the structure, which occur naturally, are again highly resistant to natural destruction.

The entrance to the castle is through a cavity in the north. There are many rooms in the castle where the graves, towers, bastions, cistern, arsenal and some of the towers have survived to the present day. The rest of these structures are vaults with foundation remains.

Evliya Çelebi visited the castle in 1656 and noted his experiences in his book Seyahatnâme. Information about the structure of the castle at that time is mentioned in the work of the castle as follows:

“The castle is made of hewn stone on a high hill and is not so big. It is decorated with towers and towers and there are no ditches around it. It is a fearless fortification that, like the Milky Way, extended its head to the sky. Since the four sides are very steep, there is no place to ditch. All around the hawk, eagle and zağanos nests, various colored rocks. It has a west-facing gate. Inside the castle, dizdar house, kethüda, imams, muezzin and castle mehterhaneleri, ammunition rooms, granary warehouses, water cisterns, waterways called Ceylan Road, which descends into the river with a full 362 steps. The setting rock on the west side is the transfer to this castle. Yildirim Khan Mosque has nothing from others. As the castle is elevated to the sky, the gate is closed day and night because the man cannot get out in an hour. The guards always wait and stand by the gun. Because all the precious goods of the people of the lower city are preserved in the castle. All the criminals and murderers of Tokat are imprisoned here, which is similar to the Jerusalem dungeon and the Novice Fortress Laughter. "

Hidden passages
According to the allegations that cannot be proved in the castle, there are some secret passages connected to other castles nearby. It is claimed that these passages are the connection roads of the fortress, Turhal Castle and Niksar Castle. During the last restoration of the castle in 2010, these passages were investigated but no findings were found.

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