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             It is located 30 kilometers south of Laodikeia Ancient City which is located in Çürüksu Valley and 20 kilometers away from Hierapolis Ancient City. Certain information on the first foundation of the ancient city of Tripolis has not yet been reached. In the Late Hellenistic Period, there were some documents called Tripolis which indicated that the Lydians had their first foundation. However, some sources indicate that Apollonia was the first name. Although the ancient city of Tripolis is one of the cities of Lydia, it is one of the important border, agricultural and commercial centers that provide transportation to the Phrygian and Carian regions. It is among the richest cities of the region with its form of organization and its understanding of urbanism, which is one of the cities covered by Menderes River and alluvial soils carried by the Çürüksu River, and which is one of the cities covering a large part of Çürüksu Plain. Although the first foundation of Tripolis was in the time of the Lydians, the ruins on the surface were of the Roman and Byzantine Period architectural features and structures. Tripolis Ancient City II. mid-century and mid-century with a hundred years breaks. In the middle of a century, many earthquakes and battles have been destroyed because of the wars. The city lived its most glorious period in Roman times. The first excavations were carried out in 1993 by the Directorate of the Museum on the main street of the ancient city of Tripolis and after an interruption in 2007, excavations were started again. The Ancient Buildings of the Ancient City of Tripolis The Ancient Theater of Tripolis: It was built in the center of the city's current settlement. In accordance with the field of Roman Architecture style, Greek theater type, three sections were made.

    Section 1 (Cavea): It is divided into three diazomas and is constructed in a semicircle. Seating sections towards the orchestra are completely destroyed. There are vaulted outlets on the top and side of the cavea. The stepped seating stones, with a capacity of approximately 8,000 people, are made of large marble pieces.
    Part 2 (Orchestra): This part is completely under ground and there is not much information.
    Section 3 (Stage and Stage Building): The upper building of the stage building is in ruined condition. A small part of the right and left retaining walls of the stage building are seen on the surface. 

Tripolis Baths

In the late period, outside the city walls around the city, 200 meters west of the Tripolis Theater is located on a flat area. In the structure, 5 sections were identified between the sections with vaults and large niches. Typical Roman baths have preserved the tradition, the infrastructure and the walls are cut from travertine block material.

City Building

The City Building, which is a large building measuring 40X65 meters, is located approximately 200 meters south of the bath and its upper part is completely destroyed. The city walls, which are adjacent to the western wall of the building, which has a Roman architecture, continue.

Structure with apse

The apse, built on the inside of the rectangular structure, whose upper part is completely collapsed, is located inside the north wall. Therefore this structure is called the Apsis structure.

Fortress and city walls

In the late Roman and Byzantine times, the city was surrounded by city walls supported by bushes, watchtowers and thick walls. The city walls connected to the highest hill tower in the north of the city are important for the security of the city and the high tower here is used to observe the dangers coming from outside.


Although they are located on the edge of the Kent Menders River, they supply water from the spring water near the town of Güney, which is 25 kilometers away from the city. They brought the water to the city through tunnels, pipes and arches built on mountainous and rough terrain.


Located on the east and south slopes of the city. There are many rock tombs carved into steep and steep cliffs. In the lower part of the area there are podium and tombs in the upper part.


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