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         The ancient city of Sia is far from all the settlements in the region. It is one of the best preserved ancient cities of the Anatolian geography due to this distance and the lack of a direct access to the ancient city. But despite all this, the city; archaeologists, archaeological enthusiasts and illegal treasure hunters have not attracted the attention of anyone except for treasure.

This ancient city dates back to the Hellenistic period. It is estimated to live until the 5th century. The northern, eastern and southern cliffs of Sia, a city of Pamphylia, are surrounded by fortified walls. We have to say that these walls, which are 2 or 3 storeys, are quite remarkable.

On the outskirts of the ancient city of Sia, the places you can describe as a little flat and pine, are the necropolis (cemetery) area of ​​the city. You can see the monuments of the period in this area.

There is no scientific excavation in Sia Antique City until today. For this reason, the surveys were very limited. As a result of the studies carried out, even though it is a superficial city, it has been determined that the city started in the Hellenistic period and ended in the Byzantine period.

Apart from the city walls that have been embracing the entire city, the two-storey tower and entrance door are the remains that have survived. It is thought to belong to the 3rd century baths. Sia Antique City, one of the most preserved cities of Psidia, is waiting for you to visit with its monumental tombs, two churches and majestic walls.



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