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            Temple of Augustus (Ankara) or Monumentum Ancyranum is adjacent to the Hacı Bayram Mosque in Ankara. After 25 BC, the temple was built in the name of the god of Phrygian and was destroyed by time. The ruins of the temple were built by King Pilamenes, son of the Ottoman ruler Amintos, as a sign of commitment for the Roman Emperor Augustus. Several additions were made in the time of the Byzantines.

This temple was discovered in 1555 by the Emperor Ferdinand sent by the Dutch Busbecque. After the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, in 1930, Dr. During the excavations carried out by Hamit Zubeyr Kosay, the entire architectural structure of the temple was revealed.

There are four walls surrounded by four columns. There are fifteen perpendicular to the surrounding, six forty-six transverse, four in front of the temple door, and two columns in the rear. Only the two side walls and the side of the door with the embroidered edges stand in its old state. In the Roman temple of Aslı, a testament written in Latin and Greek languages ​​(Res Gestae Divi Augusti), showing the works of Agustus, was put on the wall of this temple adjacent to the tomb. Today, maintenance, repair and cleaning works of this temple are continued.

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