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          Taksim Square is located in Beyoglu district of Istanbul and is one of the most famous spots of Istanbul city. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Istanbul with its restaurants, shops, hotels, entertainment and cultural places around. Taksim Square, which has become a square in the Republican era, has also hosted many political and social events. The Taksim Pedestrianization Project, which partly traversed the traffic in the fair, was partially completed in 2013.


          Taksim Square was seen as a symbol of the new regime in the early periods of the Republic, especially after the inauguration of the Republic Memorial in 1928, under the public functions of the Sultanahmet and Beyazıt squares. The ceremonies and wreaths built around the Republic Monument, passage paintings in front of the tribunes placed at the side of the İnönü Trip (later Taksim Gezisi), held in 1940 instead of the old barracks, and light lines surrounded by colored light bulbs around the memorial, the sparkling waters of the waters flowing through the colorful lights of the modern décor have created the beauty and national pride of the city's people for 25-30 years.


          Since the 1960s when Istanbul has become so crowded, Taksim Square has lost much of its clean and elite view of the Republic in its early years, and the spectacular image of the political turbulence, crowded and eventful rallies have become visible for the first time in history.


          The most tragic of them is May 1, 1977, when many people lost their lives in panic as a result of the fierce crowds gathered for rallies and fire from many places. On May 1, 1977, approximately 500 thousand people from various countries of Turkey participated in the rally held in Taksim Square under the leadership of DISK to celebrate Labor Day. In the afternoon, a fire broke out from a few spots around the area towards the evening hours, 28 people were crushed or drowned, 5 people were shot, and 1 other person was killed by a panzer and about 130 people were injured. The day that 34 people lost their lives, the day passed as "Bloody May 1".


          The square was opened for celebration on May 1, 2009, only 32 years after the bloody show, when the May Day Labor Day was declared the official holiday.


          In May-June 2013, the decision of the 6th Administrative Court of Istanbul and the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets No. 2 in Taksim Gezi Park under the framework of Taksim Yayalaştırma Projesi [10], the rebuilding of the Artillery barracks without the permission of zoning (2013 Taksim Gezi Park protest) have spread to Istanbul and Turkey in a short period of time.


          The monument, which became the symbol of Taksim Square, was built by the Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica and placed in place in 1928. The construction of the monument took 2.5 years, using monumental stone and bronze. For the first time in the monuments of the Republican period, it is a figurative narrative that depicts Ataturk and the new order. There was no space feature in Taksim before the monument was erected.


          In the monument erected in the center of a circular square, the traditional architecture on which bronze figures on two sides are used is 11 meters high. Pink trentino and green Suza marbles were used on the shoelaces. One side of the monument symbolizes the Republican Turkey and the other side represents the War of Independence.


          Beside Mustafa Kemal in the north of the monument, Ismet İnönü, Fevzi Çakmak, public and two Soviet generals Kliment Yefremovich Voroshilov and Mikhail Vasilievich Frunze were depicted. On the sides of the monument there are two soldiers and two female figures in the medallions above them. Under the narrow faces of the monument are marginal troughs. They are thought of as a fountain and have not been added later.


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