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          It has been standing for 450 years and with the statement of Mimar Sinan "It will not be destroyed until the doomsday"

          Süleymaniye Mosque was built by Mimar Sinan in Istanbul in 1551-1557 in the name of Süleyman I. Süleymaniye Mosque, which is regarded as the masterpiece of the great Sinan's period, was built as a part of the Süleymaniye Complex, consisting of medreses, library, hospital, mosque, hamam, imaret, hazire and shops.


          Süleymaniye Mosque is one of the most important examples for Classical Ottoman Architecture. Although there have been more than 100 earthquakes in Istanbul since its construction, no cracks have formed in the walls of the glass. The dome of the glass sitting on four elephant feet is 53 m. It is 27.5 m in diameter. This main dome is supported by two half domes, as seen in Hagia Sophia. There are 32 windows in the dome.

          There are minarets on the four corners of the mosque courtyard. Two of these minarets adjoin the basement are three of them honorable and 76 m. The other two minarets on the corner of the entry ceiling wall on the northern edge of the mosque's courtyard are two-pronged and 56 m. in height. The mosque has been built in accordance with the air flow that will clean the oil lamps inside. The mosque is built according to the air flow that collects the heat generated by the oil lamps at a point. The lamps of the glass lamps were collected in the room above the main entrance door and used for inking.


          Suleymaniye mosque has 4 minarets. The reason for this is the 4th Sultan after Kanuni's conquest of Istanbul; it is a sign that these 10 minarets are the sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

          Mimar Sinan worked on the acoustic system to ensure that the sermon given to the mosque was heard from all over. The master architect placed 65 empty hollows of Anatolian pickles on the walls around the main dome with the mouths pointing downwards.



         According to a custom, Mimar Sinan has been drinking water from the mosque for the foundation of his acoustics, and when the situation was complained to Suleiman the Magnificent, the sultan came and looked at it and asked Mimar Sinan why he was doing it. Sinan said "Sultanim, This is a study I made to ensure that the voices of the bubbling water arrive at the dome when I take it, and how it distributes on every level of the glass on an equal footing. "


        Another feature of Süleymaniye Mosque is that Mimar Sinan first made a business room here. Because there was no electricity in the period of construction, the mosque was illuminated with 275 lamps and giant candles placed beside the mihrab. Mimar Sinan designed a room on the middle door to prevent damage to the glass from the burning candles. The mihrab and moved to the work room from four small windows that opened out onto the top of the door. In order to ensure that the air flow was directed toward the office room, the office room was centered, with ink accumulating in the room. In this ink, all the political, religious and administrative edicts of that day were written.


          While Mimar Sinan, Suleymaniye Mosque, placed ostrich eggs among the oil lamps in the hunts. Most of the eggs were broken or stolen because of the passage of 400 years. The numbers have dropped from 300 to 30. The remaining 30 eggs, from time to time known egg color, turned black and dark brown. But when you look carefully, it turns out that they are huge eggs. The dried ostrich egg spreads a scent that keeps the insect such as the scorpion and the spider that the human can not hear.


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