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         Taşköprü is a bridge that connects the Adana (Seyhan) and Karşıyaka (Yüreğir) sides on the Seyhan River in the city center of Adana.The bridge, considered to be the symbol of Adana, is a Roman period work. It was reported that Taşköprü was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian and was seriously repaired during the time of Roman Emperor Justinian. The 21-eyed bridge on the Seyhan River, which was originally located under the Seyhan River, serves as a 14-eyed under the ground when the 7 eyes remain under the ground. The bridge, which was narrower than half when it was first built, was later expanded. It is known that there are no crown gates at both entrances of the bridge. Taşköprü has been repaired several times during the Ottoman period and continues to serve today. The length of the 310-meter-long bridge is 11.40 meters.

Restoration works of Taşköprü started at the beginning of 2006 and the work ended in early 2007. In addition, Taşköprü is the oldest bridge in the world.Built circa 200 A.D., this stone, arch bridge over the Seyhan River was open to traffic until 2007.


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