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         Mount Davraz, Isparta east, Isparta and Egirdir 25 km away, connected to the Taurus Mountains 2637 m high ski tourism is an open mountain. The people are called both Davraz and Davras. Davraz is one of the mountain masses in the Göller region of the Mediterranean region, rising between Eğirdir and Kovada Lakes and surrounding the Isparta Plain. Mount Gelincik (2808 m), Dedegöl Mountains, Dipoyraz (3007 m) around Davraz. The highest point of the mountain, where Davraz ski center is located, is Ulparçukuru Hill with 2635 meters.

There are two summits called Great Davraz and Küçük Davraz. As it is suitable for ski tourism in most of the year, studies have been carried out in this regard in recent years and the name established in 2200 meters has become frequently mentioned in ski tourism. Davraz Mountain is also one of Turkey's most beautiful slopes with ski and winter sports centers.

Davraz Mountain-Karlıyayla Winter Sports Tourism Center is located 26 km southeast of Isparta city center. On 17.02.1995, it was declared as a Tourism Center. The nearest settlement is 8 km away from Çobanisa Village. The Ski Center is located on the northern slope of Davraz Mountain in the Kulovası Plateau. Dominant vegetation, pine, juniper, cedar and herbaceous plants are formed.


Davraz Ski Center has a distinct advantage due to its proximity to Antalya and its convenient location. The geographical characteristics of Davraz also allow other nature sports other than skiing.


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