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Sinop Castle is located on the peninsula where the city of Sinop is located. The castle was founded in the 7th century BC to protect the city. It was repaired several times during the Roman, Byzantine and Anatolian Seljuk period. The walls of the castle, which still maintains its characteristics today, are 2,050 meters long, 25 meters high and 3 meters wide. There are two main entrance doors. The fortress wall surrounds the city. This castle is one of the highlights of the city's historical monuments.

It is not known when the castle was built between the inner and outer harbors of Sinop, which surrounds Yalı and Kefevi neighborhoods. Although some sources reduce the construction of the castle to the Hittites, this situation has not been certain. In 72 BC the King of Pontus IV. Mithridates built a temple, theater, gimnasium and palace in Sinop and surrounded the city with walls. In the following periods, the castle was restored by the Seljuks (1215-1218), İsfendiyaroğulları (1434) and the Ottomans in 1451 and expanded with annexes. The repair inscriptions dated h.612 (1215), h.615 (1218), h.838 (1434) and h.855 (1451) belonging to this period are found in the castle. In these inscriptions, the names of the commanders who built the walls are written. The Seljuks added an inner castle to the fortress to control the harbor and strengthened it with towers and towers.

The mortar was reinforced with rubble, cut stone and brick stones and the inner castle and fortification walls were built. The bastions of the fortress were built by the Seljuk Sultan Izzettin Keykavus in 1215-1218.

To the south of Sinop, the castle facing the inner harbor consists of two parts intertwined on the seashore. It is learned from the sources that the castle has four gates. However, Evliya Çelebi stated the names of these gates and added two more gates to them. These are Sand Gate, Square Gate, Dockyard Gate, Janissary Gate, Dabağhane Gate and Guild Gate. There was also a sea gate in the outer castle. Each of these gates is iron gates with two wings.

According to the present situation of Sinop Castle, the length of the outer castle is 800 m in the north, 500 m in the east and 400 m in the south and 270 m in the west. The thickness of the city walls is 3 m. The inner fortress on the south covers an area of ​​9,500 m². The inner castle to the north is 16875 m².

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