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Seven Churches (Armenian: Վարագավանք Varakavank '), Varagavank or Varak Surp Cross monastery is a historical Armenian monastery built in the 8th century in the village of Yukarı Bakraçlı, now connected to the Center of Van. It was severely damaged in the 1915 Armenian Crimea and in 1960 some parts of it were destroyed by the governorship.

The complex, consisting of seven separate churches and structures, was added to one another at different times. The oldest of the seven churches constituting the monastery is St Sophia church. It was built in the 8th century and has only an apse. The second was built adjacent to the northern wall of the nowadays ruined St.. John is the church. These two constitute the first group of structures.

The core of the second group of buildings is the Church of the Virgin Mary, built between 1003-1021. The rectangular structure in the east-west direction from the outside was built with a four-clover plan. The dome of the central planned church has been demolished. The interior has rooms opened in four directions and placed in the corners with semicircular niches. It is accessed through a portal in the middle of the western façade, which was closed with the subsequent jamaton.

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