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Information About Selge Ancient City

          On the southern slopes of Toroslar, it is located 1250 meters above sea level. To the north of the walls are two temple ruins dedicated to Zeus and other Artemis on the hill. The market place (agora) is the monumental fountain, the necropolis and the Byzantine church are other remnants of Selge.

          Selge Antique City is one of the important cities of the Pisidia Region. According to historian Strabon, the city was founded during the Dorian migrations towards the end of 2000 BC. Selge was the first city where money was printed in the Pisidia region, now known as Antalya.

          The city that survived today is surrounded by ruins and acropolis. Gymnasium, stoa, stadium and basilica remnants came up to date. However, the basic lines of the two temples remained. The most robust structure that reaches daily is M.S. It is a theater that was restored in 3 centuries. There are many antique buildings on the Köprüçay River and following roads. (Kemer Bridge, Böğrüm Bridge, Ancient Road, Garrison Buildings, Waterway, Chapel, etc.)