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Information About Saint Paul Church or Bebekli Kilise Adana


          Adana Bebekli Kilise  or St. Paul's Church is an Italian Catholic church in the center of Adana, which was built between 1880-90, with a bronze statue of Mary on it. It was built as an Armenian Apostolic Church. After the 1915 Armenian Crimea, there was no Armenian community in Adana and the Catholic community was given a Baby church. Because the statue of the Virgin Mary at the top of the church is compared to the baby, the name of the church is called "Bebekli Church". The church was built in the name of Paul. The church is used by both the Catholic community and the Protestant Community.

In 2011, the church was attacked with a sword and a knife, and the icons of Jesus and Mary were broken, and its belongings were destroyed. On the other hand, in the statements they gave to the attackers Ogun Samast'a said they are being respected.


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