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          The Sabancı Center Mosque was opened in 1998 in the south of the Central Park, in the Resatbey district of Adana and on the west coast of the Seyhan River.

It is considered as the largest mosque in the Balkans and the Middle East due to the worship opportunity it can provide to 28,500 people. Due to its location, it has become one of the symbols of the city because of its distance from the main arteries, railroads and roads connecting Adana to the surrounding cities and towns and at the distance of the high minarets. The project architect of the mosque is Necip Dinç.

Architectural Features

The 20,000-person mosque (28,000 inhabitants of the open space) spread over 6,600 square meters with the last community district; eight elephant sits on the pillar. It was built in the style of classical Ottoman architecture. It is similar to the Selimiye Mosque as a plan and an interior.

There are 4 half-dome, 5 dome, 6 minarets; they correspond to the condition of the four caliphs and the 4 sects, the 5 conditions of Islam, the six conditions of faith. 32 meters diameter main dome 32 farza, 28 dome in the courtyard The 28 prophets mentioned in the Qur'an, 40 windows in the main dome, the age at which Muhammad was the prophet, and 40 rak'ath prayer, 99 min. 6 minarets correspond to the 99 beautiful names of Allah.

The calligraphy works of the mosque belong to calligrapher Hüseyin Kutlu. The mosque tiles were built with the classical Iznik tile technique. In the main dome, the 255th verse of the Surah Al-Baqarah with a diameter of 9 m is written as ara Ayat-el Kursi Ana. The verse from the southern front is the verses 35, 36, 37 and 38 of Surat an-Nur. The four panels on the southern façade are the largest mosque panels in the world in terms of size. All the embroidery works of the mosque and the patterns of the tiles belong to Mimar Nakkaş Semih İrteş.

The foundation of the mosque was laid on 3 December 1988. By 65 thousand square meters of land have been transferred to Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey Religious Foundation; 50% of the mosque was completed. The remaining 50% were met by Hacı Sabancı and after her death by the Sabancı family; For this reason, the name of the mosque, which was originally thought to be the Central Mosque, became the Sabancı Center Mosque.


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